Clone Wars is Coming to Netflix


It’s been confirmed that the animated series “Clone Wars” will come to Netflix this March 7th. As you may know, Clone Wars was canceled when Disney bought the rights, and Cartoon Network didn’t air the last season. The sixth and last season is called “The Lost Missions” and will be available exclusively on Netflix. Here’s the trailer: For those of you ... Read More »

Cast For Upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot


As you may know, a Fantastic Four reboot is on the early stages of production, and today we got to know who will star on the upcoming super-hero-family movie. I have to admit that I like Chris Evans more as the Johnny Storm than Steve Rogers, and I think everybody wanted to see Jessica Alba wear that uniform one more ... Read More »

New Movie From Pixar Animation Studios


There are different opinions on which studio is better in terms of animation. Some might go for Dreamworks, but I am one of those who love Pixar till’ death. And I gotta say that Toy Story is not my favorite one, not even UP or Finding Nemo, my favorite movie is A Bugs Life, what a soundtrack man! Anyway, Pixar ... Read More »

Watch Dogs Movie ?


It was a hard decision whether to post this on gameluster or here in movieluster, but I mean, a movie of a videogame is still a movie right? Please tell me how excited are you for playing this video game in a couple of months? Being honest I am looking forward to play this on the release date on my Xbox One. This game looks phenomenal  ... Read More »

Insidious Chapter 2


Insidious Chapter 2 is an upcoming movie sequel to the successful Insidious movie released in 2011. The movie stars the same actors as in the past movie, Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert, Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert and Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert. Do you liked the first movie? I did, it talked about many interesting things. For example, the ... Read More »

Iron Man 3 – Quick Review


So Iron Man movie franchise already up to its second sequel and follows up after where the Avengers left off.  I would try to make this review quick and spoiler free but as always if you like to watch movies with no background whatsoever other than if its a must see then I will say this. It’s a good movie ... Read More »

Kick-Ass 2 First Trailer


How many of you have read the Kick-Ass comics by Mark Millar? how many of you watched the first movie? Well, Kick-Ass was an amazing movie based on the comic books from Mark Millar, with a lot of gore and a lot of comedy. It is a must read and watch, of course, the comic is better, but the movie ... Read More »

Jurassic Park IV News!


The director Colin Trevorrow has signed to direct the fourth part of Jurassic Park’s series. Trevorrow is better known for directing the indie movie Safety Not Guaranteed. We all know that Steven Spilberg directed the first two films back in the day, but now he will be the executive producer in this upcoming movie, while Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver from Rise ... Read More »

Iron Man 3 Homemade Trailer


I think that everyone has seen the new trailer for Iron man 3. It looks absolutely amazing, I cant wait for the movie. Dustin McLean is an indie director of homemade movies, and he replicated the trailer in a low-budget version that looks awesome. you can take a look to the side by side video or you can watch the ... Read More »

Spring Breakers 2013 Movie

spring breakers

Now that spring break is coming, somebody came up with the brilliant idea of making a movie of it and release it the same week, great mind! Spring Breakers is a movie directed by Harmony Korine about very young women who are drawn into a life of crime after stealling money for their spring break trip. The movie features James ... Read More »

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